Age 32. Married to the gorgeous Emily.


Why I’m doing the challenge:

I read somewhere that wearing a cycling helmet for long periods of time can make your hair grow back- so what better way to find out!

I like challenges, I love endurance sport, the British countryside is stunning, and we’ve found a great cause to support. I’ve lost some close family members and friends through Heart disease, and to think that we may be able to save even one life from the proceeds of this ride is huge motivation.


Previous endurance experience:

One London marathon 2 years ago. Does 13 months of marriage count?


Favourite biking memory:

Seeing Jon Hickton in his Lycra before our first ever training ride. That memory will live with me forever J.


How’s the Training been going?

Brilliantly. On the positive side I’ve managed quite a few long runs (80 miles +) and attacked Box Hill in surrey a few times to prepare me for Devon and Cornwall.

On the downside I lose sensation in my right foot after 10 miles. I have arthritic knees, a dodgy back, and a broken rib.

About Me


name  Ben Young

Known As  ‘Youngy’ (original eh?)

job  Trip Organiser

Bike Velomax Audax

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