At the beginning of this year I become seriously interested in long distance cycling.  My motivation was not the usual keep fit fad but rather a plan to organise a sponsored ride as a tribute to my father who died last October after suffering a heart attack.

My plan was to raise as much money as possible to donate to two charities which my father had supported for a long time.

The first, The British Heart Foundation, is an obvious choice for me and my aim is to raise money for mobile heart defibrillators.  These have been installed already in locations such as golf clubs, train stations, service stations, pubs and restaurants.  The challenge now is to provide many more in locations targeted because of a high incidence of cardiac arrest and to train local business staff in their use.

Each machine costs £1,200 and I would like to raise enough cash for at least another 10 machines.

The second charity is Friedreich’s Ataxia which is not as well known as the BHF but was nevertheless important to my father because his god daughter Kate Hingley has the condition.  Kate is the daughter of Roger Hingley who is now Maximus’ Non Executive Chairman and was a very close friend of my father.  The two were at school together.

I’m sure you’ll recognise how dear these two causes are to me and my family and I appreciate your support.I started getting into biking not long after my wedding. The idea of a turbo trainer in my garage was a great idea.

on; slow uphill but fast down hill, must be the weight advantage!


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