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Heart and circulatory disease is the UK’s biggest killer.  A huge number of people – 2.6m in the UK – also live with heart disease and many need help and support from BHF campaigns.

Our aim is to raise money for mobile heart defibrillators.  These have been already been installed in locations such as golf clubs, train stations, service stations, pubs and restaurants.  The challenge now is to provide many more in locations targeted because of a high incidence of cardiac arrest and to train local business staff in their use.

Each machine costs £1,200 and we would like to raise enough cash for at least another 10 machines.

Please click on this link to read up on more information about this specific cause.

We urgently need your support to help us achieve our goals. 

Ataxia' means ‘absence of order’. People with ataxia have problems of co-ordination. This is because parts of the nervous system that normally control co-ordination and balance are affected. Ataxia is the principal symptom of a group of neurological disorders called the cerebellar ataxias. Most are progressive.

Ataxia may also be a symptom of other conditions such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy.

Ataxia UK will provide help to all people affected by ataxia, but focuses on the cerebellar ataxias. There are other organisations providing support where ataxia is a part of multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or other conditions.

There are many different types of cerebellar ataxia. Some are inherited. The most common is Friedreich’s ataxia.

For more detailed information on the cerebellar ataxias in general, the inherited ataxias or Friedreich’s ataxia go to