“Sitting on a saddle for a few hours a day whilst pedaling – how hard can it be”. I will confess after 4 hours in the saddle on a training ride I do question the day I agreed to take up the adventure that has become the J.O.G.L.E 2009.

In truth though I am honoured to be taking part in such a fantastic challenge for such a worthwhile cause. The training over recent months has been going well although I’m not sure what has been more motivating – the thought of 950 odd miles in 8 days or the laughs of my wife, Helen, as I first squeezed into the new Lycra cycling gear! Certainly no place to hide the beer belly in that outfit. A big thank you must go for the support of Helen and the distraction of Liam’s dirty nappies (thanks for the loan of the nappy cream as well). Looking forward to starting the challenge for real.


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